We are so pleased to let you know that we are welcoming back lap and open swimmers.At this time we will be taking appointments.Registration for appointments is available on our website. We are looking forward to adding more time slots in the future, and we thank you for your patience as we phase in our programming gradually.


Tuesday and Thursday will be 9am-noon &  4pm-8pm

Friday 4pm-8pm

Saturday 12:15-3pm

We are not beginning group water exercise classes or Tiger Sharks Swim Team at this time, and we will communicate when we are able to provide these programs again.

If you would like to swim during these times you MUST make an appointment the day prior to the appointment. Online registration begins at 9 am and ends at midnight.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept same day appointments, nor can we allow drop-in appointments.  Appointment blocks are 45 minutes for the Therapy Pool (7 swimmers at a time) and 1 hour and 15 minutes for the main pool (16 swimmers at a time). Appointments may be booked at registration.swimcharlotte.org and clicking the "adult aquatics" tab.  Be sure to complete your registration and digitally sign the COVID-19 waiver and Code of Conduct.  You may also register over the phone, or call if you have any questions.  However, we can only book appointments when office staff is available to do so, and encourage you to try the online method. 


1.)  Upon arrival, members will have a brief health screening in the main lobby with our Aquatic Staff.   There will be markings on the floor designated for each pool for you to stand. You will have to sign and date a completed COVID waiver at each visit if you do not complete them online.

2.)  Swimsuits must be worn to the Aquatic Center. We are excited to announce that the locker rooms are open for showering and changing upon exiting the pools. Your safety comes first and we have taken several measures to ensure it remains that way. We ask that you arrive in your suit, this helps reduce the  number of guests in the locker room at any given time. There will be NO locker use for personal belongings at this time, and we ask that you take your belongings out to the pool deck and place them on the marked section of the pool benches during the swim. Please respect all swimmers including shower lengths. We ask that the shower is no more than 5 mins. Thank you for the constant support of our temporary changes as we are are doing our best to provide you with a great experience at Charlotte Aquatic Center.

3. Your safety comes first and we have taken several measures within our facility to keep that our first priority. We thank you for the willingness to wear masks at all times outside of the water. We ask that you wear your mask in the locker rooms as much as possible while using the facility.


4.)  To accommodate all competition pool lap swimmers/walkers, we will have our pool set up with 6 lanes (meters over the deep end).  There is a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane.  This will allow for those who water walk to utilize the shallow end of our pool.  Please be patient as we figure out what pool set-up best suits the needs of our patrons as we open.

5.)  Social distancing will be required in all areas-- 6 feet minimum.  Please do your best in the pool and on deck to help keep us open!

6.)  Masks will be required in all dry land areas.  Please remove your mask before getting into the pool.

7 .) There will be an elevated level of sanitation in all bathrooms and public touch points throughout the day.  Main lobby restrooms will remain open.

 8.)  no kickboards, pull buoys, or any other floatation equipment will be provided until further notice.  You are encouraged to bring your own equipment if you would like to use it.

 We understand that these restrictions and requirements are not ideal.  However, they are there for the safety of everyone.  If you have recurring billing for your membership, you will be billed on the 15th of September, unless you contact us to continue your membership hold.  We appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you back at the pool!

 Dan Christian, Aquatic Supervisor