UPDATE 5-17-21:

While we are excited by the new guidance from the CDC on indoor mask wearing, we ask that you continue to wear a mask while in our facility whenever you are out of the water. Along with social distancing indoors, this is the current policy for visitors of Charlotte Public Schools and the Aquatic Center. Please understand that this continues to be a fluid situation, and changes may come soon. We ask that you treat our staff with respect and grace if they ask you to wear a mask. We will post any updates to our policy to Facebook and our website as they become available.


To schedule an Open/Lap Swim Appointment:

To use our pool, we are requiring appointments at this time during our open and lap swimming opportunities.  Appointments must be made a day prior to the appointment time from 9am-11:59pm.  For instance, if you want to swim in the therapy pool tomorrow at 6:15, you need to register for that slot today before midnight.  We are asking that you arrive in your bathing suit and place your belongings on the spaces marked on the pool deck as we cannot provide locker room storage at this time.  There will be a brief health screening given by our staff to each swimmer prior to being permitted on deck.  Upon the conclusion of your swim, you may gather your belongings and use the locker rooms to shower and change before leaving.  

Typical Open/Lap swimming appointments are available as follows, and can be registered for in the "adult aquatics" tab of the website.  Pool decks are cleaned between each appointment.

Monday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 3:30PM - 6:15PM

Therapy Pool - 3:30PM - 4:30PM

Tuesday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 9:00AM - 8:15PM

Therapy Pool - 9:00AM - 7:45PM

Wednesday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 3:30PM - 6:15PM

Therapy Pool - 3:30PM - 4:30PM

Thursday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 9:00AM- 8:15PM

Therapy Pool - 9:00AM - 7:45PM

Friday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 4:00PM- 8:15PM

Therapy Pool - 4:00PM - 7:45PM

Saturday : Lap Swim (8) and Shallow/Walk (12) 12:15PM- 3:00PM

Therapy Pool - 12:15PM - 3:00PM

Therapy pool appointments are 45 Minutes long with a maximum of 7 swimmers in the pool at a time.  Main pool appointments are 1 hour long with a maximum of 16 swimmers in the pool at a time. Our website is https://registration.swimcharlotte.org and you will need to click on the adult aquatics tab to register for an appointment. You can also call our office to schedule an appointment.  There is a $4.00 guest fee per appointment for those visiting the aquatic Center.  Memberships are available by contacting the aquatic office at 517-541-5740, or emailing christd@charlottenet.org


Main pool appointments will be set to 16 swimmers, and the pool will be set up with 6 yard lap lanes.  We will also have between 10 and a dozen additional swimmers training for SCUBA On many Tuesdays and Thursdays.  CDC recommends 50% normal capacity, which would be over 150 swimmers for us, and we are still well under those numbers. During those times in our main pool.  Our therapy pool open swim sessions are set to a 7 swimmer limit.  50% of our therapy pool would be roughly 41 swimmers.


Water Exercise:  We want to start many programs, but are restricted by distancing and cleaning requirements.  We understand that many are very, very eager for our water exercise courses to resume.  Our administration is meeting regularly to plan how we safely bring back that program.  If there are any programs you would like to see at the Aquatic Center, we would love to hear your ideas!  Please email christd@charlottenet.org .


Dan Christian, Aquatic Supervisor